TN: NV Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Brut – France, Champagne

NV Piper-Heidsieck Champagne Brut – France, Champagne (11/3/2018)
Day 1: Gorgeous NV. Creamy mouthfeel with citrus, spice, dough and charred pie crust. A vibrant wine with sharp acidity. Medium plus finish and at the amazing low price of only $33. 92 points
Day 2: Very similar character from day 1 but picks up some nice perfume notes and dried apricots. Very good acidity on this wine. Not as good as day 1 but solid. 90 points
Recommendation: Dink on day 1 and buy from a shop that moves through NV Champagne. This current NV selections is outstanding as some of the previous ones were sub 90 points. (92 points)

The reason I use a Oregon Pinot stem with Champagne is that you get better aromatics than the traditional flute. The bubbles are not as captivating but I enjoy the nose/taste and that is why I do it.

Price:  $33 with tax included at Hennepin Lake Liquors

Total Wine Pricing with tax $41.78


Piper Heidsieck Website

Piper Heidsieck was founded on July 16, 1785 by Flores Louis Heidsieck.  Here is a nice video on the history of Piper Heidsieck.  While this is a big house don’t be fooled that big houses can’t make outstanding Champagnes.  My favorite Champagne of all time is from Vilmart which I highly recommend you seek out!


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  1. Erin and Greg I just posted on Wine Berserkers how this Champagne was ok a few years back but this is the real deal. Get a six pack! Say hi to Phil!

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