Great Grenache from Washington State!

K Vintners is one of the top wineries in the US/World when it comes to high quality wine without breaking the bank. From the under $15.00 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon up to the Royal City Syrah $100.00, they do everything in between. To me what makes them unique is they do almost everything well. The only wines I am not thrilled about is their $45ish Bordeaux style wines.

  • 2016 K Vintners The Boy – USA, Washington (4/24/2020)
  • K Vintners & Sixto & Substance Tasting; 6/18/2019-4/24/2020 (Walla Walla Tasting Room): Day 1: Had this at the winery last summer which those are always a snap shot of a wine. Wow! What a sexy wine with Garrique, white pepper, stone, dust, rose petals, green olives and boysenberries. Medium plus finish and gorgeous wine. This is a great example of what Washington State can do with Grenache. From the Powerline Vineyard. If you like Cayuse this is a fraction of the cost. Picked up for $19.99 on sale!
  • Day 2: Still rocking. Stone, white pepper, dust, rose petals and green olives. A really good New World representation of CDP. Lovely. 94 points
  • Day 3: Holding true to form and a bit more pepper and floral. Outstanding wine. 94 points
  • Recommendation: Buy this especially at the price of $19.99. (94 points)

$19.99 (Lowest Price is $40.00) WineStreet Spirits through April 26

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