Davenport Cellars Sale 2

This sale is 50% off a case with $35.00 shipping. In order to get the case discount you just sign up for the Discovery Wine Club (free to sign up). Order a case and have it shipped to you

Website: http://davenportcellars.com/

3 Day Wine Reviews of the Wines

  • The best wine still on their sale is the 2008 Continuity. This wine at $15.00 is better than anything you will find in the Minneapolis Market for that price point.
  • 2008 Davenport Cellars Continuity – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (3/24/2020)
    Day 1: Pop and pour featuring menthol, Bing cherries, plum and spices. This is solid but not as good as previous bottles. 89 points
    Day 2: A little better with spice, blueberries, Bing Cherries, plum and menthol. Medium plus finish and nice earthiness tones. For under $15 a bottle a winner. 90 points
    Day 3: Similar to day 2 with more of a sour cherry than the Bing Cherries. For sure some time left on these outstanding deals. 90 points
    Recommendation: Buy this on their 50% off sale happening at the end of March. $15.00 a bottle. (90 points)
  • 2008 Davenport Cellars Continuity – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (2/18/2020)
    Day 1: Decanted some sediment and this wine is awesome. Cherry, plum, menthol, spices, blueberries and perfume. A bit different than the last 2 bottles as this is showing more fruit but is gorgeous. Medium plus finish. 92 points
    Day 2: Excellent on day 2. These wines have a ton of aging potential. Blueberries, cherry, spice, earth, menthol, mild oak and vanilla. Beautiful wine. Medium plus finish. The fact this is better on day 2 should indicate another 5 plus years of aging. 93 points
    Day 3: The notes on the sludge impacting the wine are confusing. Many wines over 10 years might have a little sludge on the cork which does not impact the quality of the wine. This wine is glorious on day 3. Beautiful example of the top vineyards in Washington coming together. Menthol, bright fruits featuring cherry, blueberries and plums. Spices, floral and mild oak. Balanced and medium plus finish. If you could find a Cabernet Blend in the world for under $15.00 this good then please let me know! 94 points
    Recommendation: Buy this when they have their sale in late March/early April. (94 points)

2013 Davenport Cellars Continuity – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (3/25/2020)
Davenport Cellars Wines; 12/30/2019-3/27/2020 (Minneapolis, MN): Day 1: More elegant than the 2014. Spice, minerals, raspberries, spearmint, blueberries and wood. This is a drink me now wine. For $15.00 with shipping a good value. Not a rock star like the 08 or 12 but good overall. 88 points
Day 2: More fruit showing featuring cherry and blueberries. Spice, menthol and dried herbs. A bit of wood on the dry finish. Certainly not in the league of the 08 or 12 but very drinkable for the price. 88 points
Day 3: Gravel, earth, slight funk, raspberries and blueberries. Tobacco on finish. Nice improvement on day 3. 90 points
Recommendation: This wine should improve over time and certainly did on day 3. Drink now to 2028. (90 pts.)

2014 Davenport Cellars Continuity – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (3/25/2020)
Day 1: Blueberries, raspberries, forest floor, earth and spice. Powerful wine and very young from a great 14 vintage. Medium plus finish. 91+ points
Day 2: Big wine with blueberries, dust, cherry, forest floor and spices. This has some sediment floating around so recommend decanting this wine. Very nice overall. 91 points
Day 3: Still powerful wine with fruits and spices. Medium plus finish. Holding form. 91 points
Recommendation: This will cater more to the wine drinker who likes a little higher alcohol Napa Valley Cabernet. This does not possess the elegance of the 08. Should drink well over the next 5 to 10 years. (91 points)

RHD Line

2008 Davenport Cellars R.H.D. – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley(2/27/2020)
Day 1: Cassis, gravel, funk, burnt toast, blueberries and earth. On the medium finish picks up some sweetness in a good way. This is a mature wine that should be consumed sooner than later but a very solid effort. 91 points
Day 2: Fading a bit and recommend pop and pour on this wine. Earth, blueberries, mild oak, underbrush and gravel. 88 points
Recommendation: Pop and pour and consume. Drink now to 2022. (91 pts.)

2013 Davenport Cellars R.H.D. – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley(2/11/2020)
Day 1: Blueberries, boysenberries, smoke, mild oak, spices and dried herbs. Short to medium finish. Based on the 14 showing on day 1 I will predict day 2 will improve. 89 points
Day 2: Better and more open for business. These Davenport wines are long term agers. Perfumed nose and palate along with cherry, blueberries, spices, smoke and dried herbs. The finish is better on day 2 and much longer. 90 points
Day 3: Plenty of flavor here and this wine needs time to fully come together. Cherry, blueberries, perfume, spice and floral notes. A subtle smoke element on the finish. Medium plus. 90 points
Recommendation: I would hold these until 2024. (90 pts.)

2014 Davenport Cellars R.H.D. – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley(2/4/2020)
Day 1: Cigar, plum, subtle spices, dust and minerals. Elegant overall and medium finish. There is some fruit ready to emerge but might need some time to do so. Score withheld on day 1.
Day 2: More open for business. Menthol, cherry, plum, spices, minerals and fragrant floral notes. Good acidity and medium finish. This is enjoyable but lacks concentration on the finish. 88 points
Day 3: Serendipity. I left the cork off from day 2 to 3 which I never do when I do 3 Day Wine Reviews. This worked and give much promise to this wine. This is a long term ager. Featuring sour cherry, plum, spice, minerals, floral and tobacco. Very complex wine overall and much better than day 1 and 2. 91-93 points
Recommendation: HOLD! Drink this wine from 2025 to 2030. (91 pts.)

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