The Best Under $15.00 Bottle Ever!

I told everyone about Davenport 65% off sale back in December. The smart wine drinkers listened and bought. This is the best $15.00 and under bottle I have ever reviewed.

Davenport Cellars will be having a sale this Spring so stay tuned for the announcement.

2008 Davenport Cellars Continuity – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (2/18/2020)
Day 1: Decanted some sediment and this wine is awesome. Cherry, plum, menthol, spices, blueberries and perfume. A bit different than the last 2 bottles as this is showing more fruit but is gorgeous. Medium plus finish. 92 points
Day 2: Excellent on day 2. These wines have a ton of aging potential. Blueberries, cherry, spice, earth, menthol, mild oak and vanilla. Beautiful wine. Medium plus finish. The fact this is better on day 2 should indicate another 5 plus years of aging. 93 points
Day 3: The notes on the sludge impacting the wine are confusing. Many wines over 10 years might have a little sludge on the cork which does not impact the quality of the wine. This wine is glorious on day 3. Beautiful example of the top vineyards in Washington coming together. Menthol, bright fruits featuring cherry, blueberries and plums. Spices, floral and mild oak. Balanced and medium plus finish. If you could find a Cabernet Blend in the world for under $15.00 this good then please let me know! 94 points
Recommendation: Buy this when they have their sale in late March/early April. (94 points)

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