3 Ways to Save when Wine Shopping

You will only here these great savings deals from me! Most wine educators have aligned themselves with good wine shops with high prices. My philosophy is simple: “If the same wine somewhere else is cheaper buy $5 than buy it somewhere else.”

Here are 3 great tips!

1. Price Match. This is my favorite tip and one I use all the time.
Total Wine will price match any local advertised prices. Here is a nice savings on two good wines.

2015 Louis Martini “Alexander Valley” Cabernet Sauvignon
Total Wine Price: $26.99
Wine Street: $19.97 (Get on the email blast)

2013 Seghesio Old Vines Zinfandel

Total Wine:  $35.97

Wine Street:  $19.97

The nice thing about Total Wine is you can use your credit card for price matches from Morelli’s in St. Paul.


Haskell’s Price Matching

They will match any local advertised deals.  Here is a good one.

2016 Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel (my review)

Haskell’s:  $24.99

Morell’s:  $15.97 (Must use cash at Haskell’s price match from Morell’s)

La Crema Sonoma Pinot Noir

Haskell’s:  $17.98

Morell’s:  $13.97


2.  Mail in Rebates

While these take some work they are worth it.  Morell’s does the best job in the Twin Cities promoting rebates and I would frequent this page to see the latest.  One of the best Sparkling wines on the planet for the money is the Mumm Brut Presiage with the mail in rebate is only $11.47 based on Morelli’s pricing however Haskell’s has it for a good price.  Do you like Jameson Irish Whisky?  They always have mail in rebates.  It does take some time and some fine print reading to make sure you following the directions but getting a check for $40 is always nice.


3.  Super Summer Sale

Only those in my Twin Cities Wine Club will received information on this summer sale.  Here are a few examples of what to expect.  JOIN HERE.

2010 Andrew Will Two Blondes Vineyard – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Yakima Valley Light red. Cigar box, spice, blueberries, coffee beans and a nice mineral streak throughout the palate. Nice funk quality on the finish. Very balanced wine with similarities to a Right Bank Bordeaux. Outstanding value for what I paid for this wine. $28.   Compare at way more!

2014 Buena Vista Cabernet Sauvignon Chateau Buena Vista – USA, California, Napa Valley (1/30/2018) Day 1: Lighter in color. Nose offers toasted oak, plum, cherry and coffee beans. On the palate good use of oak and fruits and apparent and pleasing. Very balanced overall and even though it is a 2014 don’t hesitate to pop and pour. I will see where this wine goes on day 2 and 3. Should be interesting. Day 2: Nice fruits on the nose. Oak, spices, coffee beans and rose petals. On the finish picks up a crushed rock quality. Medium plus finish and an excellent value. This is even better than day 1. 93 points. Day 3: Even better with menthol, toasted oak, spices, dark currants and crushed rock. For concentrated effort and what an amazing value. The evolution of this wine over three days is quite remarkable. Why more people don’t see the evolution of younger wines over the course of time is mind blowing. 94 plus!!! (94 points) Drink this: Day 3 Price: $31 with tax   Compare at over $40 with shipping costs.


These 3 tips will save you thousands of dollars over the years.  Again I will not promote over priced wine shops with good service since I can recommend you the best wines for free.

4 thoughts on “3 Ways to Save when Wine Shopping”

  1. Email sent on joining Twin Cities Wine Club. I have been looking for a great group to join as all my friends drink cheap national brands.

  2. I find it funny that no other wine educator promotes these ideas! I know they are on the take but really I have saved thousands with these simple tips.


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