Twin Cities Wine Glass Sale!

The cost of wine glasses is through the roof. I have decided to sell some of my extensive collection. Here is the pricing:

Stolzle Glassware Sale: All used but pricing on glassware is through the roof. Stolzle are as good if not better than the same price points from Riedel.

Email me at for which glasses you want to purchase. I have a ton left.

Stolzle Bordeaux Stems Six Pack (Used but in great shape)

6 pack Bordeaux Stems: $35.00 (Just $5.83 a glass)

Stolzle White Wine Glass Six Packs (Used in Great Shape)

White Wine Glass: Six Pack $30.00 total ($5.00 a glass)

Stolzle Champagne Flutes (Used in Great Shape)

Pinot Noir Stems Six Pack (Used in Great Shape)

Pinot Noir Stems Six Pack $35.00 (Just $5.83 a glass)

Riedel Restaurant Series (Sommelier Series) Brand New 3 left

Riedel Restaurant Series (XL Pinot Noir Stems) Brand New 3 left

XL Restaurant Series Bordeaux Stems (Dish Washer Safe). $10.00 Each 8 available.

Six Hundred Corks $45.00

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  1. Hi John

    I’d like to buy some of your finer glasses. Call me 612-747-9900

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