Total Wine “Total Ripoff!”

Not many wine experts realize that MN is in the top 3 of all states if not number one when it comes to fine wine and opportunities for the wine consumer. Whether it is a price match or a sale of unique wines we are blessed. Another rule that does not apply to other states is allowing any shop to carry any brand in the market. All Total Wine Winery Direct wines are allowed at all shops and no one promotes this better than Liquor Boy. While I think the bulk of their house wines are terrible and yes they are bad they do occasionally have a good winery direct wine. This is not one of them and Liquor Boy has this for $10.99 vs. $21.99 at Total Wine. Hard to believe but most consumers are not really in the know when it comes to wine. This wine is painful at $21.99 but less painful at $10.99 at Liquor Boy.

  • 2019 Iter Cabernet Sauvignon – USA, California, Napa Valley (9/13/2022)
    Terrible stuff. Total Wine winery direct. Sweet with smoke, blackberries, cardboard and oak chips. (75 points)