Super Spanish Wine from WTSO

WTSO might be the best place to buy wine. No shipping cost!!! What the price is, is what you pay depending on the number of bottles ordered. The offer a great service to hold your wines over hot summer months which is a must. I usually ship wines to Minneapolis at the end of October as the temperatures won’t damage your wine.

This wine was only $14.99 if you buy 4. I have had it twice and both times 90 plus.

2013 Bernard Magrez Toro Paciencia – Spain, Castilla y León, Toro (8/12/2018)
Day 1: This is outstanding. Drinks well on a pop and pour. Earth, plum, ripe cherries, spice and coco. Medium finish and good acidity. One of the best qpr’s of the year. 90 points
Day 2: Very consistent with day 1. Has not lost a thing. 90 points
Day 3: Has lost a little of the fruit but still drinks really well. Good acidity and very pleasant wine. Excellent WTSO purchase. 88 points
Recommendation: After two bottles consumed I would recommend drinking this within the next few years. Can be enjoyed as a pop and pour and does not require decanting. (90 points)


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