2 Mediocre Wines (One Normally the go to white)

I have been one of the biggest promoters in the world on the Dr. Loosen Dr. L Riesling and I have to say how disappointed I am in the 2017. Watered downed and clear in color this wines delivers no classic characteristics of a German Riesling. No peach or slate. I am hopping this is an off bottle but since I have had almost zero in many previous vintages I am not optimistic. Here is my review.

2017 Loosen Bros. Riesling Dr. L – Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (8/9/2018)
Fitting that I am the first to review this wine. As the single biggest promoter of this wine in the US I am proud to give you this review.
Day 1: Nice acidity and refreshing wine which is perfect for another 90 plus degree day in Minneapolis. Lemon, orange peel, stone and lime. Not as concentrated as the 2016 which had the classic peach character. This is very pleasant but does not approach Kabinett status as the 2016 did and exceeded many producers. While see how this pans out on day 2.
Day 2: Picks up some match stick but tastes like a $9 wine. A shame compared to other vintages. 85 points
Day 3: Similar to day 2.
Recommendation: Try and find the 2016 of this wine. (85 points)

I love Australian wines. Other than Germany I believe this represents the best value in wine. For $50 you can get a stellar wine which is hard to do in Bordeaux and Napa. I have had a mixed relationship with Peter Lehmann wines. Some have been good but too many mediocre. Here is my review.

2014 Peter Lehmann Cabernet Sauvignon Portrait – Australia, South Australia, Barossa (8/9/2018)
Day 1: Big wine and dark color. Smoke, dark fruits, eucalyptus and crushed rock. Not the most balanced wine but still tasty. 85 points
Day 2: Not good. Taste of earth and stewed fruit. Very poor on day 2. 80 points
Day 3: Even worse.
Recommendation: This is a pass with so many good Australian Red wines out there. (85 points)

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