Sid’s Discount Liquors Bloomington & Plymouth is Closing

3 Day Wine Review is the apparently the first to report this news. The Plymouth Sid’s Discount Liquor store will be changing ownership possibly by Friday and it will become a Merwin Liquors. Merwin Liquors specializes in lower end products and will not have the same awesome closeout deals which drew me into Big Top/Sid’s over the years. It is a sad time in the wine scene in Minneapolis & St. Paul.

The Sid’s Discount Liquors in Bloomington will probably change over to another Merwin Liquors by Valentine’s Day. The Big Top Liquors in Eagan will be changing hands very soon too but not certain who is taking the location over.

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Looking at Merwin’s main website page shows the following wines and spirits: Smirnoff, Chloe, Dark Horse, Barefoot and more.

The St. Paul store will remain open as Big Top and that is why you still saw the Tuesday Dash this week. One of the managers believes that they will remain open for quite some time.

Spend your gift cards if you have them.

This is a very sad day in the wine scene in our town as Sid’s/Big Top did not have wines I would buy off the shelf but made up for it in the closeout bin section. I will never match the $7.00 pricing of the 2007 Joh. Jos. Prum wines.

12 thoughts on “Sid’s Discount Liquors Bloomington & Plymouth is Closing”

  1. I live in Eagan and always enjoy the offerings at this store— also have participated in their wine tastings at various area venues! Hope that can continue ?

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I was at the Bloomington store and was told the same thing my one of the mangers. I look forward to your newest finds elsewhere. Thanks in advance John.

    1. Yes do it today. I always hate when the info is not posted in advance so the patrons can use gift cards. Happens way too often with restaurants.

    1. Joe pick up was at Bloomington and St. Paul. I think Bloomington changes hands in less than 2 weeks. Plymouth this Friday and Eagan might be the same. I can’t believe they have not announced this.

    2. Update Joe. Bloomington will change hands probably in a week the other 2 should have already happened but it sounds like St. Paul will remain open for a while.

  3. Wow could not find anything about this but stopped in the Plymouth location today and they confirmed the news.

  4. Updated. St, Paul will remain open longer but is also looking to sell. The other 3 stores will change hands within the month. This is a huge loss for the Twin Cities Wine Community as Sid’s and Big Top had the best closeout deals in the nation.

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