Red Bordeaux for less than $15.00?

Normally the answer is no but this wine delivers if you follow my 3 day experience. I am starting to see more wine drinkers do the day 2 and 3 approach and I would like to take some certainly not all of the credit. I am however the leading expert wine reviewer in the world who is using this approach which is the most accurate wine reviewing approach. When was the last time James Suckling posted day 2 and 3?

Here is an outstanding value from the for $13.99 including shipping. Must buy a case of the free shipping items to get the deal. See my other post and you will have no problems getting a case.

  • 2018 Château Marjosse – France, Bordeaux (1/11/2022)
    Day 1: Pop and pour. Tastes like a grocery store Bordeaux. I have been noticing more and more cheap Bordeaux and Italian wines getting 92 points from critics and then being very disappointed with some (not all). Fruit froward offering with cherry, plum and floral notes. Thin on the palate and finish. Lacks acidity. Not going to score this now and will see over 3 days if it improves (80 points currently).
    Day 1.25: Not surprised the wine did improve a few hours later. Roasted chestnuts, cherry, dust, spice and minerals. Certainly not in the 90s but for the price a serviceable weekday wine. Grainy (Agglomerate) Cork 88 points
    Day 2: Can’t stress this day 2/3 thing anymore and another stellar result. This is much better on day 2. Bright fruit featuring cherry and plum along with tobacco, minerals, spice and dust. Pretty amazing wine for under $20. 91 points
    Day 3: Small berries, good acidity, minerals, tobacco and dust. Excellent value and should age for a while. 91 points
    Recommendation: Decant 3 or 4 hours if you want to consume young. Will age for 5 to 8 years no problem. (91 points)

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