Hennepin Lake Liquors Open Again!

I check in periodically to see if Hennepin Lake Liquors are open and to my delight they opened on Thursday, November 12. I am excited to check out the remodeled store and hopefully soon we can get back to those great in-store tastings.

Hennepin Lake Liquors

1200 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Phone: 612-825-4411


Some great posts about Hennepin Lake in the past!


7 thoughts on “Hennepin Lake Liquors Open Again!”

  1. Great news John. Hopefully that fall tasting will happen in 2021! I miss the in-store tastings as so many of the patrons do.

  2. Will be stopping by this week before Thanksgiving. Thanks for posting this. Wonder why Star and Tribune posted the opening of Chicago Lake Liquors but not Hennepin Lake.

    1. Richard probably has to do with the fact Liquor Boy is always adverting in their paper which is the same owner as Chicago Lake. Never thought much of the Star Tribune coverage of wine.

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