Domaine Serene Bust

When you blend Syrah and Pinot Noir good things usually don’t happen. I bought this for $40 at auction (That included tax and shipping and buyer’s premium) and regret the purchase of six bottles already. This wine retails for close to $100 so that is the only reason I bought it. What a mess of a wine:

  • 2015 Domaine Serene Grand Cheval – USA, Oregon (10/8/2022)
    Day 1: Holding off on a review.
    Day 2: A bit more open for business but for the money this is a poorly made. Earth, dirt, mild spice, underbrush and muted red currants. Not much on the finish. Thank goodness bought this at auction for under $40. Will be using a few of these to show how a $20 wine is way better than whatever the original price on this was in a blind tasting. 85 points
    Day 3: Just a harsh tasting wine. Pepper, earth, underbrush, spice and muted fruit. 83 points
    Recommendation: Avoid the price and the wine. They should stick to Pinot and Chardonnay.
    Can’t believe when I read the tech sheet that this is made for the steakhouse. That is que one to avoid! Why would anyone blend Pinot and Syrah is beyond me? (85 points)

On the flip side this is how you do Syrah.

  • 2011 Reynvaan Family Vineyards Syrah Foothills Reserve – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Walla Walla Valley (10/11/2022)
    Day 1: Aromatic! Strawberry, wet stones, black pepper, violets, earth, green olives and pepper corn. While not a powerhouse the finish on this wine is quite long. Complex and a thinking wine drinkers’ wine. Outstanding effort and many more years of drinking. 94 points
    Day 2: Nice evolution of change on day 2. This is a bit bigger in style than the elegance of day 1. Blueberries, cherry, black pepper, earth, black olives, exotic spices, rose petals and wet stones. Super complex and even better than day 2. Yes 10 plus years from vintage good wines improve on day 2 and there is a solid glass waiting day 3. 95 points (95 points)

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  1. Agree with this wine it is not very good and should cost around $25. They do make some nice Pinots’ but they are expensive.

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