Black Friday Twin Cities Wine Shops

1010 Washington Wine & Spirits

3:00 pm Friday, November 29 I will be 1010 Wine & Spirits in Minneapolis for their Cellar Sale. I have no idea what to expect but do know if you are into beer to stop by there before 3:00 pm as they will be bringing out some deals from the cooler. Check back in later in the week for updates. Don’t forget about their free parking.

1010 Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55415


This is the best Black Friday Deal!!!

Sunfish Cellars 20 to 50% off!!!

20 to 50% off all wines on November 29 & 30. Go to their website to check out all the deals. Click here for their wine sale. Get on their email blast when you check out their website as the final good wine tasting of the year is coming up on December 14th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Haskell’s 20% off all wine. Friday 11/29 to Sunday 12/1.

The better deal for Haskell’s will be Cyber Monday when you get 20% off gift cards.

$100 pay $80, $200 pay $160, $500 pay $400. If you use these gift cards during their sales you are getting a tremendous deal overall.

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