3 Day Wine Scoring System

The wine scoring system is out of control and too many people think an 88 is a bad score for a wine. If it was an 88 pointer and cost $15 it actually is a very good wine for the money in my opinion. Here is my 3 Day Wine Review Scoring System that allows for 85 point wines to be favorable and something you would buy.


Cost: You would gladly pay $100 plus per bottle.

Aromas: It blows you away with multiply aromatic descriptors coming to mind. A wine you could just get enjoyment on the nose alone.

Palate: One taste and you think wine of the year candidate. The wine offers multilayered flavoring. Balanced. Medium to long finish. The wine is still tasted after swallowing for considerable time. No detectable flaws. You will track some down immediately.


Cost: You would pay between $51 to $99.

Aromas: Very attractive nose with multiply descriptors immediately coming to mind.

Palate: A very memorable wine that you would talk about for off lines to come. There is balance with no noticeable flaws. The nose, palate and finish are in harmony. More wine will be purchased quickly.


Cost: You would pay between $35 and $50.

Aromas: Attractive nose with distinct descriptors. Some more present than others.

Palate: A solid wine that you are proud to put your name on if you brought it to an event. The nose and palate might not match in perfect harmony but there is no noticeable flaws. Solid finish and good acidity.


Cost: You would pay $25 to $34.

Aromas: A few noticeable aromatic descriptors. One descriptor might be off setting to the overall quality.

Palate: The wine lacks the balance of the higher rated wines but is very enjoyable. Possibly a flaw is detected but it is not enough to ruin the over enjoyment. For example might have the slightest touch of heat on the nose and it might blow off over time. A good every day wine you would buy a case of for the right price.


Cost: You would pay $15 to $24.

Aromas: Nice overall but flaws are detected. Could be the heat sensation or slightly off note such as burnt rubber. It is not enough to ruin the experience but lacks the quality of an upper 80 pointer.

Palate: An average wine overall. Nothing too special but nothing so bad you would not drink it again. Medium finish and decant acidity. If you paid $50 for this you would be very disappointed.


Cost: You would pay $8 to $14

Aromas: Might have aromas that are non descriptive or has some types of flaws such as heat, stewed fruit or one dimensional aromatics.

Palate: Below average wine. Some good taste elements but there is something that impacts the overall experience. Could be heat, lack of acidity or too sweet for a dry table wine. A wine you will not be purchasing again no matter the price. For me the Prisoner wine would fit this score as it is too sweet and lacks acidity.


Cost: You would pay $7 or less

Aromas: Not very good. 2 or more distinct flaws. Heat sensation, pungent nose, etc.

Palate: Very ordinary. Maybe water down wine, stewed fruit or lacks acidity. Might be dumping this one out.

Sub 74

Cost: You paid too much!

Aromas: 3 or more distinct flaws.

Palate: You spit out the wine.

If you have any ideas to improve my rating system please comment. I find the Wine Spectator Scoring System to be basic and allows the consumer very little perspective into their scores. I find James Suckling has never given a wine under 90 points over the last five years. Robert Parker has lost his touch and barely does much with his name sack that he sold off a few years ago.


John Glas

3 Day Wine Review

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