1 Minute Wine Video: 2015 Liquid Farm La Hermana

Video Number 2.

2015 Liquid Farm Chardonnay La Hermana – USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Maria Valley (1/28/2019)
Day 1: Not as good as the last bottle. Saline, tangerine, minerals and really acidic. Almost Sauvignon Blanc like. Really tastes like a poorly made New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Will return this bottle if no improvement on day 2. Gut impression 84 points
Day 2: This is more similar to the first bottle experience. Had one dumped this out they would have lost out. Always try a bad wine on day 2 or 3. More Chablis like with shells, lemon, orange peel and mild oak. Short to medium finish and acidity is not as sharp. Much more balanced and back in the Chardonnay style one would expect. 90 points
Day 2.5: Really coming together and now is a Premier Cru like Chablis. Shells, minerals, lemon, subtle spice and match stick. Based on day 1 this wine needs a few years of aging. Unless you are a day 2 drinker hold until 2020. 91 points
Day 3: Holly transformation! Even better than day 2.5. More intense on the palate featuring shells, orange peel, mild oak, lemon and sour apple. Balanced and medium plus finish. Similar experience to the first bottle. 92 points
Recommendation: If you are going to drink this on day 1 2 plus hour decant. I would hold these for a few years. One of the biggest transformations from day 1 to day 3 in a good way to date! (92 points)

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