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There are so many scams on the Internet and I can’t even get started. Wine of the month club (worst idea ever invented). Why? No one should ship wine in the heat or freezing cold plus these up and coming wineries usually are wines that no distributor wants to sell.

Internet Bloggers Selling Wine via their site is a bad idea. Why? They make money off of that wine and it is not necessarily good. Take Davenport Cellars for example. I rave about them and are the biggest promoter of them in the world. I don’t get a commission. They did send me 3 bottles of wine to sample however and those 3 were not up to the standards of the Mr. B, Continuity and Pinot Noir so I did not promote them.

Local Wine Shops pretending to be Total Wine. Why? This also is a bad idea. Total Wine is one of the worst places to buy wine. They have a ton of corporate label crap and are looking to pass this off to you the consumer. Beware of the sales people, beware. One larger local wine retailer is now trying to be Total Wine and this is unfortunate. I remember they used to have great BOGO deals and now it is corporate swill and most of the sale is uninteresting and overpriced.

What am I saying? Twin Cities wine community get more creative and bring back the big sales! We know you are making record profits this year but eventually things will return to normal and people will travel again to a better wine shop or just buy online.

WTSO to the rescue!

I have been buying from WTSO for over a decade and many wine geeks I know have been equally satisfied. With the lack of wine sales of any interest in the Twin Cities I recommend you check them out.

The benefits:

  1. Free Shipping (Buy the minimum amount of bottles and shipping is on them). Anyone who buys wine online knows shipping can be $3.00 a bottle to $10.00 or more!
  2. Ship to FedEx Office. Since you have to sign for wine if you are working during the day (most of us) have your order shipped to FedEx Office. Pick it up at your convenience.
  3. Customer Service. I have had bad bottles. Just email them the order number and they issue a reimbursement. I have had wines that they promote and I thought they were terrible and they still refunded my money.
  4. Interesting wines. They do have a lot of new discoveries but also the favorites such as Anderson’s Conn Valley, Piper Heidsieck, Peake Ranch, Two Hands, Bodegas Ondarre and more.

WEBSITE: https://www.wtso.com/

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