Twin Cities Wine Shop Black Friday Deals

Currently nothing to report but hopefully some emails soon.

Surdyk’s Winter Sale

This one is the place to stock up on wines under $30.00. I will be dedicating a separate blog to all my picks. Another wine educator is offering to buy wine for you at two of the more inflated priced shops in the Twin Cities. If you really want to stock your cellar and save a ton of money I can do that for you but I do charge a fee which after you get all the savings in wine you will be far ahead.

The only one that is an ok deal is the 20% all wines at Haskell’s. That won’t do much for the more expensive wines and will still put them near the bottom of Wine Searcher. If you can be a disciplined buyer however they always offer 20% gift cards which if you save a year from now would then get you 40% which is a good deal.

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