Too Cold to ship to MN yes!

I have shipped when high temperatures are around 35 degrees and had zero issues but a winery out of Walla Walla shipped without my authorization and the wines are terrible. The good news they will take care of the case. Just to give you a difference of the quality here we go.

Wine 1: Shipped in super cold weather. 5 days later.

This wine is nothing like the other experiences. Muted nose and features water, diluted fruit and soy sauce. If someone served this to me I would not pay the bill. It is barely drinkable. 60 points

Wine 2: Same wine just shipped during better conditions. Super intense nose offering gravel, blue currants, smoke, mild oak, matchstick, earth and charcoal. Medium plus finish and concentrated. 92 points

Since the winery made up for their error and will ship the same wines out at a later date no need to identify them.