The Legend of Davenport Continues!

Amazing how good the wines from Davenport have been but tonight another stellar revelation. Malbec from Washington State!

  • 2015 Davenport Cellars Malbec Reserve Malbec Sheridan Vineyard – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, Rattlesnake Hills (3/27/2021)
    Day 1: Holly cow, Davenport does it again! If the Continuity and Mr. B wines were good this one is as good maybe better. Blueberries, dust, red berries, floral and mild smoke flavors. Dry in style and not sweet like so many of the Argentina Malbecs. Nice spices element on the finish. Very well made and great vineyard site. 93 points (93 points)

As the top wine reviewer in MN I can’t believe how good this wine is. You will not see anyone else in the Twin Cities offering quality wine like this but the problem is this is all sold out!!!