Some Real Dud Wines Lately

  • On a bad run of wines under $20. 2 from Total Wine, one from Surdyk’s and two from Costco. All shops are not top five by any means in the Twin Cities Market and Surdyk’s has really struggled to maintain their once dominate position in the Twin Cities Market. Their current sale is weak at best (80 points). Try the following shops who have sales happening soon: South Lyndale & Hennepin Lake.

  • 2016 Hedges Family Estate The Bourgeoisie – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (9/30/2019)
    Day 1: Big nose featuring chocolate, charcoal, dark fruits and oak. Palate is a little thin and watered down. Short finish. This wine seems to be lacking in comparison to many wines half the price. 84 points
    Day 2: Very disappointing. Very thin, green and hollow. Some spice, a bit of fruit but lacks concentration. Even worse. 80 points
    Recommendation: Don’t buy at Total Wine as it is one of their terrible winery direct wines. (82 points) Total Wine $17.99

  • 2017 Amici Cellars Pinot Noir Olema – USA, California, Sonoma County (9/29/2019)
    Simple Pinot Noir with a fruit forward approach. Some spice and floral notes on the finish. Drink now. (83 points) Total Wine $17.99

  • 2015 Witness Tree Vineyard Pinot Noir – USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (9/28/2019)
    Day 1: Earth, bramble, spice, strawberry and pepper. A bit intense for a Pinot Noir Almost Syrah like. Certainly not something I would buy again but drinkable. 85 points
    Day 2: Underbrush, violets, spice and pepper. This is more of a Syrah than a Pinot Noir. Not impressed with this wine. 84 points
    Day 3: Even worse.
    Recommendation: Don’t buy. A poor excuse for a Pinot Noir. (85 points) Surdyk’s $19.99

  • Major concern on these later two. I had this wine in June and July and enjoyed both bottles. The new batch Costco received is terrible. Could be heat damage on shipping or could be a completely different batch of wines sourced from different vineyards in Washington which is legal due to the Washington State appellation. None the less all bottles are going to be returned for a full refund as this wine is terrible!
  • 2017 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon – USA, Washington (10/1/2019)
    Day 1: I thought maybe the first bottle was off so popped open a second from the Costco purchase. Both of these are nothing like the first two bottles which received 91 points. This is concerning. This wine is even worse and has a cough syrup feel to it. Lot so spice and palate is harsh to say the least. I am returning all 4 bottles purchased. 78 points (78 points)
  • 2017 Substance Cabernet Sauvignon – USA, Washington (9/26/2019)
    Day 1: This bottle lacks concentration. Grape jelly, dust and bitter chocolate. Harsh tannins. This wine lacks personality, acidity and balance. Not as good as the other 2 bottles I purchased. Costco had a large palate of this wine. While try another bottle and this on day 2 but this one is a disappointment. 84 points
    Day 2: Thankfully this is better on day 2 but not at the level of the previous bottles. Bitter chocolate, dried herbs, blueberries, spice and floral notes. The harshness has dissipated. Medium finish. 87 points
    Day 3: Between the day 1 and 2 experience. A lot of forest floor and dust qualities. Some fruit but not knocking my socks off. Short to medium finish. 85ish
    Recommendation: I would pass on this wine if every bottle was like this however I am sure they make hundred thousand plus cases so could be an off bottle. (85 points) Costco $12.99

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