Drinking wine requires good stemware. While you don’t need to go out and buy the Riedel Sommelier Series glasses you do need a stem that has a rim that is not thick like your water glasses. If you have them get rid of them immediately. A quick search of glassware came to OverStock which many of these glasses are the poor quality ones I speak of.  If you are interested in quality glassware please send me an email and I can steer I the right direction.

If you would like to rent glassware for your wine event see my pricing below.


Riedel Stemware
Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Stems (six total) $4.99 each
Riedel XL Bordeaux Stems (12 total) $3.99 each
Riedel Pinot Noir Stems (12 total) $3.99 each

Stolze Stemware
Bordeaux Stems (100 total) $2.99 each
Grandezza Bordeaux Stems (24 total) $2.99 each
Burgundy Stems (60 total) $2.99 each
White wine glasses (72 total) $2.99 each
All rentals include tax.