Rabbit Wine Openers & Devices

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Rabbit Six Piece Tool Kit $30 each (2 Silver & 1 Black)

Compare at $40 plus

Vertical Rabbit (one red and one black) $35 (compare at $50) 4 Total

$50 plus at your local liquor store

2 V-Gauge Stoppers $10 (compare at $15) Total 3

Leftover wine shouldn’t be considered a loss. This innovative wine preserver is the first of its kind to actually show you when you’ve achieved the perfect vacuum, ensuring just the right amount of air removal for flawless flavor the second time around.

Zippity Rabbit Corkscrew in EVA Case $40 (Compare at $80) 1 Total

Rabbit Aerating Pourer $15 (compare at $30) 4 Total

Open up your wines quicker than decanting.

Rabbit Opener Used (2 times) $15

Wine Clock $10

Bordeaux Stems (Used but in great shape. six for $36) Compare at double the price.

Miscellaneous Wine Glasses ($3 each)

Champagne Flutes (Slightly Used) $30 per box of six) High Quality!!!

Inexpensive Wine Glasses (16 with box) Great for parties $15.00

Shoe Wine Holder $10


400 corks of some of the best wineries in the world! $30

Golf Balls & Wedges

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230 Slight Used for $85

Golf Balls: 500 for $45