3 Day Does it Again (Actually 2 Day).

No one in the world does more two day and three day wine reviewing than me. Can’t believe no one else has discovered this philosophy especially with younger wines but I am honored to be the best in the world at it. This wine was a dude on opening but day one later and day two hello!

2018 Selbach-Oster Graacher Domprobst Riesling Spätlese feinherb Alte Reben
 – Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer (3/17/2023)
Day 1: Apricots, shale, orange rind, spice and honey suckles. Dry in style for sure. Short finish and lacks complexity. Certainly not worth $30. 84 points
Day 1.5: Better with some air. Apricots, dried pineapple, shale, honey suckles, spice and lime. More intensity and medium finish. 88 points
Day 2: Another epic transformation on day 2. Never give up on a wine. This has opened up beautifully. Vinturi used. Floral, grapefruit, spice, shale, apricots, ripe quince, peach and sour apple. Complex effort and one of the better turn arounds in a while. 92 points
Recommendation: Great buy below $25 and this will age for 10 plus years and probably improve over that time period. (92 points)