2012 Zaca Mesa Z Three (Not good!)

2012 Zaca Mesa Z Three – USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley (12/12/2018)
Day 1: Sweet profile up front with a little heat. Underneath black pepper, violets, underbrush and hot tamales. This is kind of a mess of a wine. Worth trying on a closeout at $20 but glad I did not pay full price. Hopefully day 2 will show some evolution. 84 points
Day 2: Nose is a bit better featuring black pepper, underbrush, floral and dark fruits. The palate still is struggling on this wine and is hot and that distracts from what is underneath that. Lacks acidity. Really not improving much and still remains at a disappointing 84.
Day 2.5: Put through a Vinturi. Better than before. Heat has dissipated and features Violets, crushed rock, strong spices, bramble and muted fruits. Still lacks acidity but more drinkable. Still not paying $20 for this though. 86 points
Day 3: Better with more distinctive fruit featuring plums and blackberries. Nice spices, violets and earth. Medium finish. 86 points
Recommendation: really not a buy for the price at $20. (86 points)

Purchased at Sid’s Discount Liquor for $19.99 (Full Retail $45)

Even beyond retail is Ace Spirits in Hopkins.