2 Great Wines for the Holidays!

I am amazed at the terrible wines being offered in the Twin Cities right now! As the only independent promoter of good wine in the Twin Cities get a mixed case of these 2 wines and you will thank me later. Under $15.00 is the hardest category to deliver in wine and these are both wine of the year candidates in that category.

  • 2008 Davenport Cellars R.H.D. – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (12/6/2020)
    Day 1: This bottle is in fine form. Cigar, blueberries, earth, pencil lead and gravel. A fitting tribute to Right Bank wines. 92 points (92 points)

$14.00 at 50% off.

  • 2014 Davenport Cellars Mr. B – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley (11/26/2020)
    Day 2 and rocking with black pepper, blackberries, dark cherries, hint of smoke and mild oak. Again tastes like a $75 plus Napa Cab Blend. 93 points
    Day 3: A bit more mellow. Still shows nice fruit but less intense. Very balanced. 92 points
    Recommendation: These are good on day 1, 2 and 3. Best wine find of the last 10 years for me at $11 a pop. (93 points)
  • World’s Best wine for $11.00

When ordering make sure to sign up for the Discovery Wine Club as it is free and you get the 50% off.

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Just email Jeff & Shelia Jerka if you need assistance.

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