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2003 Movia Veliko $$$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Apple, cinnamon

Taste:  Good acidity with apple and cinnamon

finish:  Medium and well balanced

Evaluation:  Good wine but too costly at $30  87 points

2005 Villa Antinori Toscana $$

Color:  Light

Nose:  Mineral with some fruits

Taste:  Mineral, nice acidity

Finish:  Short but refreshing

Evaluation:  Simple but pleasing.  81 points

2005 Coffele Soave Classico $

Color:  Clear

Nose:  Mineral with light fruit

Taste:  Citrus, mineral, a mouthful of flavor              

Finish:  Mineral and citrus fruit

Evaluation:  A nice value from Italy.  88 points

2005 Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio $

Color:  Yellow tint

Nose:  Mineral

Taste:  Mineral, some citrus but hard to detect

Finish:  Water and minerals

Evaluation:  A wine marketed to the US with very little flavor.  76 points

2005 Lis Neris Friuli Pinot Grigio $$$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, some fruit, spice

Taste:  Complex Pinot with mineral, spice, floral and pear

Finish:  Medium with balance

Evaluation:  A good Pinot Grigio.  89 points

2005 Maculan Pino & Toi $$

Color:  Yellowish hue

Nose:  Sweet, noticable acidic smell

Taste:  Citrus

Finish:  Short

Evaluation:  81 points

2005 Movia Pinot Grigio $$$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Floral and mineral

Taste:  Refreshing with mineral, floral and nice acidity

Finish:  Solid and complex

Evaluation:  Just a well made Pinot Grigio that is bottled in Slovenia but grapes are from Italy.  90 points

2005 Livio Felluga Friulano Tocai $$$

Color:  Medium yellow

Nose:  Rich notes with floral, lemon, heavy mineral, grapefruit

Taste:  Bitter notes dominate with lemon, floral, mineral

Finish:  Medium with some complexity

Evaluation:  Livio Felluga is about as good as it gets for Italian Whites 89 points

2005 Tre Monti di Romagna Albana $$

Color:  Light yellow

Nose:  Floral, pear

Taste:  Mineral, vivid acid, floral

Finish:  Medium with floral and mineral notes

Evaluation:  Nice crisp wine and can be drunk alone or with seafood.  88 points

2005 Ruffino Chardonnay Toscana $

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Floral, lemon, tropical fruit

Taste:  Tropical fruit, floral and mineral, no oak on this one

Finish:  Shorter with nice fruit

Evaluation:  Not bad for under $10 86 points

2006 Bastianich Vespa Bianco Venezia Giulia IGT $$$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Elegant with lemon and spice

Taste:  Floral, lemon

Finish:  Short with lemon and floral

Evaluation:  Not my style but a solid wine 89 points

2006 Benvolio Veneto Pinot Grigio $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, floral

Taste:  Mineral, floral, citrus

Finish:  Medium

Evaluation:  Simple wine.  84 points

2006 Fattori Soave Classico Superiore $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Grass, mineral, pear

Taste:  Simple but shows nice mineral tones

Finish:  Short

Evaluation:  A light summertime wine 85 points

2006 Marco Felluga Pinot Grigio $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, lemon

Taste:  Lemon, mineral, orange

Finish:  Light and somewhat short

Evaluation:  Good for Pinot Grigio 88 points

2006 Inama Soave Classico $$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Mineral and peach

Taste:  Refreshing with good balance

Finish:  Nice and solid

Evaluation:  Summertime wine!  87 points

2006 Livio Felluga Collio Pinot Grigio $$$

Color:  Medium yellow

Nose:  Citrus, floral, mineral

Taste:  Complex wine with floral, mineral, citrus with nice acidity

Finish:  Medium with floral, mineral, citrus

Evaluation:  A super intense wine for a Pinot Grigio.  The best I have had!!! 92 points


2006 Ca Rugale San Michele Soave $$

Color:  Light

Nose:  Mineral and floral with some intensity

Taste:  Crisp and refreshing with mineral, floral

Finish:  Long with floral, mineral, and some fruits

Evaluation:  Complex wine that exceeds its price tag.  88 points

2007 Tommasi Vermantino $$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Peach, honey, floral

Taste:  Peach, floral, mineral, honey, pinneapple

Finish:  Medium and balanced

Evaluation:  Excellent Italian white!  89 points

2008 Tre Monti Trebbiano di Romagna Vigna Rio $$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Lemon, oil, peach

Taste: Rich wine featuring liquad gold, floral, peach

Finish:  Bone dry and super concentrated wine

Evaluation:  Best Trebbiano to date 90 points

2008 Tre Monti Albana di Romagna Secco Vigna della Rocca $$

Color: Medium gold

Nose:  Floral, peaches

Taste:  Peaches, mineral, slate, floral

Finish: Really amazing

Evaluation:  A great 91 points

2006 Villa Chiopris Friuli Grave Pinot Grigio $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, lemon

Taste:  Watered down with mineral, lemon and light spice

Finish:  Short and not much there

Evaluation:  80 points

2008 Antinori Orvieto Umbria $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Nothing

Taste:  Mineral water

Finish:  none

Evaluation:  Bad 67 points

2008 Kris Venezie Pinot Grigio $$

Color:  Light

Nose:  Mineral, spice

Taste:  Mineral, spice, light fruit

Finish:  Refreshing and clean

Evaluation:  Simple but good 85 points

2008 Tommasi "Le Rosse" Venezie Pinot Grigio $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, lemon, floral

Taste:  Light wine with a bit of lemon and floral

Finish:  Short

Evaluation:  80 points

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