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2001 Craneford Edna Valley Riesling

Color:  yellowish hue

Nose:  Mineral, citrus, pear

Taste:  Mineral with nice floral flavors

Finish:  Short with mineral notes

Evaluation:  This wines best feature is the taste.  A nice pre dinner wine or enjoy with seafood.  Really aged well as most rieslings from Australia should drink soon after the release.  88 points

2003 Leeuwin Artist Series Margaret River Chardonnay $$$$$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Big with apple, oak, vanilla, pear, and noticeable alcohol

Taste:  Wow with oak, vanilla, apple, pear, spice

Finish:  Long with a nice buttery finish.  Spice, oak, pear, vanilla on this multi layered effort.

Evaluation:  Third best Chardonnay I have ever had!  93 points

2004 Heath Southern Sisters Clare Valley Riesling $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, tropical fruit

Taste:  Mineral

Finish:  Weak

Evaluation:  82 points

2004 Petaluma Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay $$$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Apple, oak, mineral

Taste:  Apple, pear, oak

Finish:  Medium and rich with apple, mineral, and oak dominating

Evaluation:  A solid effort worthy of the $20 price from Hennepin Lake.  87 points

2005 Angrove's Clare Valley Riesling $$

Color:  Light yellow

Nose:  Mineral, apple

Taste:  A bit acidic with mineral dominating

Finish:  weak with just mineral

Evaluation:  Not well made in my opinion.  81 points

2005 D'Arenberg Hermit Crab Barossa Valley Marsanne $$

Color:  Medium yellow

Nose:  Musty and noticeable alcohol

Taste:  Alcohol is masking the floral notes

Finish:  Alcohol is again masking the flavors

Evaluation:  Poorly made wine.  82 points

2005 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling $$

Color:  Light yellow

Nose:  Mineral, flint, apricots

Taste:  Mild Sweetness with mineral, flint, and pineapple

Finish:  Medium with mineral and flint

Evaluation:  An everyday drinker that was well made.  85 points

2005 Torbreck Barossa Valley Marsanne / Roussanne $$$

Color:  Yellow

Nose:  Mineral

Taste:  Mineral with explosive spice

Finish:  Mineral, spicy

Evaluation:  87 points

2005 Torbreck Saignee $$

Color:  Rose

Nose:  Floral, mineral, and tannic element

Taste:  Mineral and spice

Finish:  Mineral and spice

Evaluation:  86 points

2005 Torbreck Woodcutters White (Semillion) $$

Color:  Pale yellow

Nose:  Floral, mineral

Taste:  Floral, fresh cut grass and mineral

Finish:  Mineral and floral

Evaluation:  A nice white.  87 points

2006 Evans & Tate Margaret River Chardonnay $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, pear, peaches

Taste:  Mineral is intense with pear and apples in the background

Finish:  Medium and pretty concentrated wine

Evaluation:  A nice wine 89 points

2006 Gemtree McClaren Vale Chardonnay $14.99

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Tropical fruit and mineral

Taste:  Nice fruit forward style with tropical fruit, apple, and mineral

Finish:  Medium and refreshing

Evaluation:  Solid non oaked wine 88 points

2006 Groom Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Light with grapefruit, mineral

Taste:  Refreshing with grapefruit, lemon, mineral

Finish:  Short

Evaluation:  Nice every day wine 86 points

2006 St. Hallet Semilon/Sauvignon Blanc $$

Color:  Medium yellow

Nose:  Mineral

Taste:  Sweet, mineral, floral

Finish:  Floral, mineral, sweet on a medium finish

Evaluation:  Well made.  85 points

2006 Leasingham Magnus Clare Valley Riesling $

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Floral, mineral, fruits

Taste:  Very mineral based wine with subtle fruits

Finish:  Pleasant and medium

Evaluation:  Good example the Riesling can be produced in Australia 87 points

2006 Petaluma Hanlin Hill Clare Valley Riesling  $$

Color:  Light Yellow

Nose:  Mineral, apricot

Taste:  Mineral, apricot, spice

Finish:  Solid with mineral, spice, and apricot

Evaluation:  Dry style of Riesling from Australia  85 points

2006 Shaw & Smith M3 Adelaide Hills Charonnday $$

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Pear, musk melon, spice

Taste:  Pear, musk melon, spice

Finish:  Clean wine

Evaluation:  Solid Chardonnay 87 points

2006 Wolf Blass Gold Label Adelaide Hills Chardonnay $$

Color: Medium gold

Nose:  White pepper, apple, pear

Taste:  Fruit dominated wine with apple, pear, and lemons

Finish:  Nice acidity on this medium finish

Evaluation:  Solid wine and good value 88 points

2007 Pewsey Vale Eden Valley Riesling $13.99

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Honey, floral, mineral

Taste:  Crisp wine with mineral, floral, pear

Finish:  Short but flavorful

Evaluation:  Dry style Riesling from Australia that exceeds the price 88 points

2007 Field of Dreams Barossa Moscato $$

Color:  Light gold

Nose:  Mineral, floral

Taste:  Sweet with honey, floral, and mineral

Finish:  Honey suckles with a nice medium finish

Evaluation:  A good summer wine.  88 points

2007 Leasingham Magnus Clare Valley Riesling $

Color:  Medium gold

Nose:  Vibrant with honey, floral, lemon

Taste:  A touch of sweetness with mineral, lemon, floral

Finish:  Complex for a wine under $10 and it is balanced

Evaluation:  A great value!  88 points

2007 Leasingham Riesling Magnus - Australia, South Australia, Mount Lofty Ranges, Clare Valley (9/3/2010)
Spice, minerals, chalk, pear and floral notes dominate the nose and palate. Good acidity and lemon flavors come alive on the medium finish. A really good value for under $10. (88 pts.)


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