Twin Cities Wine & a flawed Local Wine Scene Awards Show!!!

I am an outsider in the Twin Cities Wine Scene. I don't have friends at wine shops or distributors. Other wine educators form alliances and that is great for them but not you. I am the number one wine buyer in MN. No one has found the deals I have discovered and if someone has they won't publish it. Twin Cites Wine owner Jason Kallsen has put together a wine awards that is significantly flawed. When you put an awards show together make sure you have the best places to purchase wine represented not your friends in the industry.

Here is the link:
Exhibit 1: Best Local Wine Shop Minneapolis. No Hennepin Lake? Jason have you been in the store? Good everyday pricing. Excellent sale pricing and the best charity tasting event in the history of the Twin Cites!

Exhibit 2: Best Local Wine Shop in the Suburbs. You don't bother to list WineStreet Spirits. Some of the best deals in wine history in MN have been from WineStreet! Maybe you have never been in the store or are on the email list.

Exhibit 3: At least you have Big Top on the multiple location list but Total Wine is not on there? I know you are a local guy and it is a local awards. They must be doing something right as they are packed at 2:00 pm during the week.

Exhibit 4: No option for best wine list (restaurant) your own wine cellar. Pay the corkage and you are so far ahead of the game. My best story was a bottle of Joseph Phelps Insignia which I bought at Sam's Club of all places for $65 and was found on a wine list for $350.

I will agree with best local importer as Wine Company. Nicest people in wine.


Update: The awards show got moved to a later date.

3 thoughts on “Twin Cities Wine & a flawed Local Wine Scene Awards Show!!!”

  1. Yes I agree how is Hennepin Lake left off? Jason do you know where Hennepin Lake Liquors is? It is in Minneapolis.

  2. Hey guys agree with you. I like some of his candidates but if I were I doing it I would include all the major players. The fact he missed Hennepin Lake and Wine Street Spirits shows how he is an amateur on the local wine scene. I have spent a ton of money at these locations over the last 20 years. Big Top has had some of the best wine deals in the history of wine. 2007 J J Prum wines for $6. No one has ever offered these deals.

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