Corporate Wine Events

3 Day Wine Review not only reviews wine but executes the highest quality wine tastings in the Twin Cities.  My negotiating skills with restaurants are legendary which allows your guests to taste the finest wine for the money.

Please email me for a customized package for your next corporate event.

Restaurant tasting events start at $100 per person (all inclusive pricing).  You could probably find an event for less but remember I only poor quality wine at all of my events.

Corporate Clients I have worked with:

Ameriprise Financial


Mortenson Construction



Wealth Enhancement Group

In-Home Wine Tastings

Learn how to taste wine like a pro at your next in-home wine tastings.  With over 300 events successfully executed over the past 10 years I know you will love the wines and the educational activities.

In-home pricing

$225 my fee (2 hours of education)

$275 (3 hours of education)

The fees above include glassware, handouts, food and wine pairing ideas and wine education.

Wine for the event:  Depends on your budget.  Unlike other educators that package everything together I will list out the pricing of each bottle and make sure the theme is up to your desires.  Typically you can expect six bottles for an event to start at around $130.




Wine Glass Rental

Looking to jazz up your wine tasting party with friends?  I rent glassware!

Riedel Stemware

Riedel Sommelier Bordeaux Stems (six total) $4.99 each

Riedel XL Bordeaux Stems (12 total) $3.99 each

Riedel Pinot Noir Stems (12 total) $3.99 each


Stolze Stemware

Bordeaux Stems (100 total) $2.99 each

Grandezza Bordeaux Stems (24 total) $2.99 each

Burgundy Stems (60 total) $2.99 each

White wine glasses (72 total) $2.99 each

All rentals include tax.




3 Day Wine Review

Wine Glass Cleaning Tip


Always hand wash quality stemware.  The average dish washer will leave a soapy residue over time and ruin your glasses.  Dry them with a paper towel to eliminate any unwanted aromas from a towel.

Metrokane Rabbit Corkscrew Openers

Selection & Pricing

Pay a fraction of the price than you would at retail.

duval glass

Wine Consulting Restaurant & Wine Shops

Please contact me for help with wine selections in your restaurant or wine shop.  Making sure you stock your restaurant or shop with the right wines is key for future business.