Twin Cities Wine Tasting with John Glas
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Wineglas Scoring Sheet



You would pay $100 plus bottle.

Nose: It blows you away with multiply descriptors coming to mind.

Taste:  One taste and you think this is the best you have had.  It matches the nose and might add more exciting elements and the finish which is well over a few minutes.  Ultra smooth wine.  Everything is in perfect balance and you are going to get online after the event and track some down.



You would pay $51 to $99.

Nose:  Very attractive nose with multiply descriptors.

Taste:  A very memorable wine that you will brag about on Monday.  Good balance between the nose and taste of the wine with multiple descriptors coming to mind.  Very smooth wine with no rough edges and a finish over a minute of joy.  You will certainly track some of this wine down on Monday.


90- 93

You would pay $35 to $50

Nose:  Attractive nose with a few easy descriptors that come to mind.

Taste:  A solid wine that you wish you brought it to the event.  A solid balance between the nose and taste but there might be a few that differ.  Maybe a little tannic or acidic but not going to ruin the enjoyment of the wine.  Finish about a minute with nice elements going on.  You would recommend this wine to friends with confidence.



$25 to $34

Nose:  A few distinct descriptors but maybe one that you dislike.  For me green olives.

Taste:  A high quality wine that might not match the nose and taste but you are still going to really enjoy it.  There are some easy to identify tastes.The finish might become a little bitter or acidic but with food that will solve it and make it pleasurable.



$15 to $24

Nose:  A few nice qualities but you go back for a few more smells to discover a few flaws.

Taste:  An average to better then average wine with some nice flavors emerging.  It might get a few people scoring higher and some lower.  Finish is about 30 seconds with some easy to describe elements.  A solid everyday wine.



$8 to $14

Nose:  Something is on and something is off.  You need to examine a few time.

Taste:  Little lower then average with some flavors you enjoy but some you don’t.  Could be bitter, tannic or acidic and the finish is not memorable.



$5 to $7

Nose:  Not impressive at all and a very simple table wine jumps into your head.

Taste:  One dimensional wine with very short aftertaste.  At our Twin Cities Wine Club Events if you bring a few of these in a row then I will be picking out your next bottle.



$5 or less

Nose:  Something is wrong here and it is not corked.

Taste:  Who is the first to dump?  If you bring these types of wine then you will be personally asked not to come back again unless you pick up the food bill.  A cheap wine someone found ten years later and brought it to a party.


69 or less




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