Rabbit Six Piece Tool Kit $35
2 V-Gauge Stoppers $10 (compare at $15) Total 5
Leftover wine shouldn’t be considered a loss. This innovative wine preserver is the first of its kind to actually show you when you’ve achieved the perfect vacuum, ensuring just the right amount of air removal for flawless flavor the second time around. Five-year warranty.
•Stopper with patented V-Gauge and stainless vacuum pump
•Wine is preserved when needle hits “red zone” on gauge
Original Rabbit (red) $30 (compare at $45) Total 4
Includes rabbit, extra corkscrew and foil cutter
Vertical Rabbit (one red and one black) $35 (compare at $50) 2 Total
Zippity Rabbit Corkscrew in EVA Case $40 (Compare at $80) 2 Total
Rabbit Aerating Pourer $15 (compare at $30) 5 Total