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Five Step Tasting Process


Wine varies in color the but unless the color is really off it is not a critical part in the five step process.  The color does not determine a wines overall quality.


Your nose can detect thousands of different scents.  When smelling wine you must breadth in the wine with authority to start figuring out the scents you smell.  Don't worry if you don't agree with others opinions here as no human can perfectly detect every nuance within a given wine.


There are 4 tastes the tongue can detect:  Sour, sweet, salty, and bitter.  If this was all there was to wine in regards to taste then buying cheap wine would be the ticket.  The reality is that your brain perceives certain tastes and in my opinion this is the most important step of the process.  When drinking a wine you should swish the wine around in your mouth and breadth in a little oxygen.  Your brain then will detect the flavors you taste.  Again a room full of wine experts will disagree and agree on certain elements.  The key is that you like the taste of the particular wine.


This separates the really good wines and the great ones!  A long finish if pleasurable will surely be a memorable experience.  Wines with long, consistent finishes are what wine makers are striving for.


My scoring sheet is one of the most complex in the world.  For you it can be as simple as buy or not buy.  The reason I use the complex version is so that you the consumer can be aware of the great wines available at all price points.  Expensive wine does not determine quality and $10 bottles can receive a 90 point score.


Wineglas is the premier wine tasting service in the Twin Cities in regards to learning how to taste wine.

St. Paul and Minneapolis have a great number of wine shops that offer free tastings so take full advantage.

When shopping for wine in the Twin Cities, it is a good idea to buy when the shops are having their sales.