Announcing Big Top Closeout Specials with 3 Day Wine Review.

I have been buying wines from Big Top/Sid’s Discount Liquor for over a decade and by far the best deals in the Twin Cities have come from their closeout bins Here are some amazing examples from a blog I did last year.  All I have to say is 2007 Joh. Jos. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese for $7!

I am teaming up with Nancy Rosenberg & Mr. “William’s Wednesday” himself Billy Condon and we are going to offer you some amazing deals you will not find anywhere in the Twin Cities.

Getting on the Exclusive Private List

The Premier Cru List will offer wine deals under $40 but are at tremendous buys.  Examples:  2016 Tablas Creek Cotes de Tables Blanc White Blend for $7 (Retail is $30) or 2010 Alexander Valley Cyrus Bordeaux Blend for $20 (Cellar Tracker Average is $50)

Send an email to to get on the exclusive email list.

Please forward this to any other wine drinker in town you know!

February Email 1

February Email 2

To order these wines please call Billy Condon at Big Top Liquors at 612-578-1421 or email him at:

You can pick these wines up at any of their 4 locations so please let  Billy know which location.

I highly recommend you sign up for their email deals such as the Tuesday Dash and William’s Wednesday here.  I buy 90% of my beer from the deals they offer.

Look for future public tastings, wine videos and exclusive private tastings as our partnership takes off in 2019.

Unlike my fellow wine educators I actually promote the best wine deals in the country.


John Glas

3 Day Wine Review LLC