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Welcome to the Twin Cities Wine Tasting Blog Site.  This is an exciting time for wine drinkers in the Twin Cities as I will offer upcoming wine shop sales, important wine terms and featured wine makers and producers from around the world.

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John Glas

Blog One:  Terroir  Wine 101 Series

Blog Two:  Haskell's Wine Shop

Blog Three:  Haskell's Wine Recommendations

Blog Four: Vintage Wine 101 Series

Blog Five:  The Tasting Process

Blog Six:  Meek Family Estates

Blog 6.5:  Sorella Wine Sale

Blog Seven: Chilean Wines

Blog Eight:  Surdyk's Heart Healthy Sale

Blog Nine:  Chateau Beauchene

Blog Ten:  Appellation Wine 101 Series

Blog Eleven:  Willamette Valley Vineyards, Oregon

Blog Twelve:  Mosel Riesling

Blog Thirteen:  Producers Wine 101 Series

Blog Fourteen:  What Kind of Wine Drinker are You?

Blog Fifteen:  Worst Wines of the Year (So far...)

Blog Sixteen:  Wine Maker Wine 101 Series

Blog Seventeen:  Wine pay top dollar for wine:  BOGO Time!

Blog Eighteen:  A great free wine club

Blog Nineteen:  Affordable Grilling Wines

Blog Twenty:  Grilling recipes and wine pairings

Blog Twenty-one: Best Free Wine Tasting of the Year

Blog Twenty-two:  Wine Shop Sale Week:  South Lyndale Liquors

Blog Twenty-three:  Wine Shop Sale Week:  Surdyk's

Blog Twenty-four:  Wine Shop Sale Week:  Haskell's

Blog Twenty-five:  Sorella In-store Tasting January 2012

Blog Twenty-six:  Wineglas Top Ten Wines of the Year 2011

Blog Twenty-seven:  Food & Wine Show vs. Hennepin Lake Tasting

Blog Twenty-eight:  Certified Sommelier misses the Mark!

Blog Twenty-nine:  Haskell's Spring Sale "A few picks"

Blog Thirty:  Bollinger Special Cuvee N.V.


                                       Mark Vlossak St. Innocent Winery in Oregon









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